Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crisis Point Day 1

Well, all's gone well so far.  Particularly for the Warsaw Pact!

We started setting up at 8:30 am.  Here's a panorama of the hall.  Battle of the Lippe table in the foreground, NATO Rear Area on the left (with US Colonel Shaw), and Central and West of the Maas sectors in the distance.
The Battle of the Lippe table was the work of Richard Phillips.  And very nice it was too.  Those are the outskirts of Duisburg in the foreground.

The Rear Area tables were declared to be in play.  Here we see Richard P and Chris Justice setting up the Warsaw Pact defences.

More setting up; this time the Central sector.

And here's the motorway NW of Venlo.

Pictures of the action to come later!

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BigRedBat said...

Phew! Very impressive.