Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day Two Pics

Gordon's Scuds - designed to lure NATO aircraft into a Flak trap.

Alan Millicheap's Belgians await the onslaught.

Richard Phillips's tanks prepare to cross Richard Phillips's Datteln-Hamm Kanal, some of them using Richard Crawley's bridge.

Industrial area east of Venlo with some more Belgians.

The Soviet horde advances alongside the A73 motorway near Venlo.

Soviet forces prepare to force a crossing of the Maas at Venlo.  The MiG25s show that they have full air superiority over this sector.

More pics later.


cardophillipo said...

Great pics Richard, thanks again for a fantastic weekends wargaming with a great bunch of fellow wargamers in a lovely part of the world with good beer and good pies! Roll on Arctic Strike 2013

Richard P

Phil Broeders said...

That is an awesome table! Never played a modern warfare game but it looks like a load of fun.

sebastosfig said...

oh my. This is a really good-looking table. I really hope you had a blast (I'm sure you did)