Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Lunars

Gus came over for an unscheduled visit on Sunday afternoon and we took the chance to play-test a Song of Blades and Heroes scenario I'm working on.  No pictures during the game, I'm afraid, but here are a few shots of the newest figures I've painted.

The Batman
The Batman is the head priest of the Cult of the Crimson Bat.  He's a Foundry casting, from a blister of character figures for Roman gladiatorial games that I won in the raffle at a past Berkeley HOTT tournament.

Assistant Bat Priest
The assistant priest is from the same Foundry blister pack.  I do like the way these figures paint up even with my butter-fingered efforts.


Tom Zunder said...

Did you both enjoy it?

Counterpane said...

It was OK. Over a bit too quickly to really say we'd enjoyed it.

I'm thinking I might change the rules somewhat. Might make missile weapons +2 at short range, 0 at medium, -2 at long instead of 0, -2, -4.

We both felt that the granularity of the Quality scores wasn't ideal: Q2+ figures are too powerful and Q5+ are shit so everything ends up as Q3+ or Q4+.

I'm considering developing my own Gloranthan skirmish rules using some Too Fat Lardies type mechanics.