Sunday, November 4, 2012

Song of Glorantha

Ooh; I'm in an e-zine!

Check out my article on using Song of Blades and Heroes for Gloranthan skirmish games in the latest issue of Rule One Magazine.


tzunder said...

Very good, well done, have told SBH mailing list.

Rudy said...

In your opinion, would it be a lot of work to integrate these rules ionto RQ in such a way that you could have skirmishes with your character as a leader? We're looking at a way of having battles - say some praxians attacking a Lunar regiment or a Lunar trade convoy, and we want our characters to be part of the action. Do you do anything like that, or is it pure skirmishes with a Glorantha flavor?

tzunder said...

You could create an equivalency table from RQ to SBH but it'd be crude and probably wouldn't feel right. It'd be better to slim down RQ and use a simpler version of that for skirmishing.

Counterpane said...

You could integrate SOBH with RQ but, as Tom suggests, the vanilla version of the game isn't intended for forces any larger that you could run with a, perhaps cut-down, version of RQ (say 6 to 10 a side).

I've been trying out (albeit outside Glorantha) some ideas for slightly larger forces. We've done a couple of multi-player games that got up to thirty figures on one side.