Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Testing George's Brits

With Crisis Point: Arctic Strike coming up in April I knew I needed to get into Cold War Commander again so as to build the enthusiasm I need to make the preparations.  Part of the process, then, was to play CWC as this month's Saturday Afternoon Wargame (TM)  

We played a scenario designed to showcase George's new British battlegroup.  The Brits are launching a counterattack and the Warsaw Pact is forced to throw whatever is available in their way.  The idea was roughly based on the 1940 battle of Arras.

The battlefield from above the Warsaw Pact lines.

George (of course) and Karl played the British.  Jamie drew the short straw and got the Warsaw Pact forces.  Jamie started with a motor rifle battalion and could use his CO unit to call in reinforcements - an East German reservist tank battalion in T-55s and a regimental AT company with BRDM-3s.

The centre of the Warsaw Pact line.
The battle turned out to be something over a walk-over for the British.  Chieftains and especially Challengers are really difficult to knock out unless you can concentrate huge amounts of firepower.  Poor old Jamie never had either the resources or the command and control elements to do the job.

Pointless scenic shot - the railway station.
The British tanks approach the bridge.
Jamie needed to knock out for British tanks to achieve victory but unfortunately he could only manage one.

A Spigot takes out a Challenger with a flank shot!
Eventually all of the Warsaw Pact tanks and AT vehicles were either killed or out-maneuvered and we had to call it a British victory.

The End - British tanks start to cross the stream.

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