Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nordic Developments

Alongside the Norwegian lake I have some Swedes and Finns on go.

First up are these Finnish BMP-1s.  A close look reveals that there are at least two different castings here - they came as part of a batch I picked up cheap in eBay a year of so ago.  They've had their Sagger missiles removed as Finnish BMP-1s don't carry them.

The Finnish three colour camo is fun to paint.  I use Vallejo colours - Reflective Green, Bronze Green and Black.  Strictly speaking on a 1/300th scale model I should be toning down the black considerably but I've found that if I use my usual Panzer Grey colour the camo disappears completely and the models might as well just be painted green.  I've also cut back on the dry-brushing they'd usually get.  There's a white-blue-white on each hull side and white streaks represent the serial numbers on the hull front and rear exit door.

These guys will form the main transport for an infantry battalion in Jamie's battlegroup.  That's a Spigot ATGW at the top.  It'll be repainted in Finnish colours and will join the battalion's heavy weapons company.  The Landrover will be a recce element for Richard Sangar.

Next up, the main batch of my, previously prototyped, M/4140 howitzers.

They're two-thirds of the way through the Swedish three colour scheme - Olive Green and Black in place, Saddle Brown to follow.  These are made from cut down Soviet D-30 barrels, FlaK 18 cruciform mounts, plasticard strip, plastic rod, and liquid greenstuff.  They'll get H&R US artillery crews when based.  Four of these are for Richard Phillips who provided some of the parts.


cardophillipo said...

Great work Richard,
The M/4140's are looking great, my Swedes will have to wait until after Crisis Point 2 but these will be a fantastic start to my forces. Thanks so much.
Take care
Richard P

Koen De Smedt said...

Looking very good! Do you have a bit more info on how these were built, as I'm planning on doing 80's Swedes as well?