Monday, February 11, 2013

What I Got For My Birthday...

... by Richard, aged... well, still in his forties at present.

My birthday this year coincided with the weekend of the Hammerhead show in Newark.  Between family presents and spending a small amount at the show I'm quite pleased with how I did.

As you can see, the family did a great job of following my requests for wargames stuff.  The Perry Miniatures knights will round out my Wars of the Roses armies for Basic Impetus.  The tweezers are just what I need for handling small parts on the the knights and the likes of that sodding ice-breaker.

The Gargoyle - Death Soldiers of the Jade Hood is a supplement for .45 Adventure and looks to have some good ideas.  I'm a little disappointed that it tuns out to be for the first edition of the rules and duplicates a lot of what's included in the 2nd edition but I can live with that.

Also among the family presents was this DVD:

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec is a film by Luc Besson based on a popular series of French bandes-desinĂ©es (graphic novels).  If you think French, female Indiana Jones in Paris in 1910, you'll understand why this film is great source material for pulp scenarios.

Further to the pulp angle, I picked up some Grendel resin-cast scenic items at Hammerhead.  These generic sci fi consoles are just the thing to set up a pulp scientist's laboratory.  GW Call of Cthulhu figure included for scale.

Also from Grendel was this Mesoamerican gateway (again with Call of Cthulhu figure for scale).  Needs a bit of cleaning up but likely to appear in a climactic jungle confrontation before too long!

Oh and I got some Chimay too!


Tom Zunder said...

Very nice haul Rich.
I recently saw that film on my Tivo box and thought it sounded very interesting, so we can compare notes when we have both watched it.
My newly painted Greek heroes and monsters will arrive from my 'little painting lady' soon, and I have a gaming room now, so expect some more Songs of Blades and Heroes soon since my friend up here has a warband of goblins and I have Centaurs!

Counterpane said...

Please to hear you've got the house situation sorted.

What points value you using for an SOBH warband?