Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Halifax Bargains

I'm off looking after two of the kids this week (Jamie's spending the week at an archaeological dig) and today we took a trip to Halifax.  We didn't do anything much; we just strolled around the town centre.  However, I did find some interesting bargains in Toymaster and an Oxfam shop.

The Airfix pontoon bridge for a fiver was a nice find.  It'll probably end up being used in Tcherbevan for next year's Crisis Point: Andreivia game (as will the Hornby fuel pump and traffic lights).

The giant ape is a little over 10cm tall.  With a better paint job he'll make a great feature for a Pulp Alley game.

The cyclops is even bigger.  I took one look and thought, "That's a Huge creature in Song of Blades and Heroes terms.  For less than three quid he's a must have.

Altogether I've come back with some really useful stuff for less than twenty pounds. Not bad.


Pete. said...

Did you manage to find Halifax Modeller's World? It's my favourite model shop in the area.



Counterpane said...

I think so. Little cave of a place with a mixture of kits and books?

I agonised over but in the end didn't buy a pack of gravestones by Renedra. £8 seemed pricy for one sprue though they would have been useful for the English Church in downtown Tcherbevan.

cardophillipo said...

Like we are going to take any notice of traffic lights in Andreivia.