Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review of the Painting Year

As August draws to a close we reach the end of my painting year.  As I’ve said before, for historical reasons I keep track of all the painting and purchasing I’ve done starting from 1st September each year.  This year has been the year of reducing the lead-pile.  For the first time I have painted more than I have purchased in every category!

In the category of “buildings and terrain modules” I’ve bought or acquired 15 pieces and painted 54.  This is a pretty broad category including everything from 28mm scale buildings to individually based trees and game markers but still I’m pretty pleased with the progress.

I’ve painted twenty two 6mm scale vehicles and only added twenty.  Fifty nine infantry, cavalry and artillery units were finished.  How many I added to the pile is harder to judge because I haven’t properly organised the Baccus Poles into an army but I reckon 25 units’ worth is a good estimate.

While we’re on 6mm scale, the preparations for Crisis Point 2 also saw the completion of three aircraft and a ship (the USS Burton Island).

The 20mm scale (mostly plastic) pile has seen some good progress too.  43 figures and two guns or vehicles completed and only 10 added figures.  I’m ignoring the Big Box of Delights because although I took quite a few figures from it, I also added some unwanted figures to it.  If I don’t think too hard about the quantities I can convince myself that the whole thing was a broadly neutral transaction.

And finally we have 28mm scale.  This has been a secondary scale for me in the past but the discovery of some fun skirmish rules (Song of Blades and Heroes, .45 Adventure, and Pulp Alley) has led to a resurgence of interest.  32 figures added, 35 painted.

Another thing I did this year was to create a list of things I wanted to get done in terms of gaming but I’ll leave that to a future post.


Phil said...

A great looking church and a fantastic 6mm army!

Counterpane said...

Thanks, Phil.