Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trail Of Clues

Millie (aged 10) played her first miniatures game yesterday when she thrashed me at Pulp Alley.  We played Trail of Clues, one of the standard scenarios in the rulebook.  In this scenario players must gather plot points one at a time, leading up to the main plot point which in our case was a mysterious shaft in the Mexican desert.

A village in the Mexican desert.

Millie took the role of Eleanor Howe leading a small, international group of specialists.

Left to right: Django King, Pierre Duval, Prof Lambert, Nichol McNee
and Eleanor Howe.
I played the mysterious Dr Sen whose followers were also hunting the mysterious void beneath the sands.

Foreground, left to right: Herr Speck, Mr Potts, Klaus.
Behind: left Mr Farquhar, right Dr Sen.
Rear: Mrs Stinch (who fell off the cliff on turn two).
Early in the action Dr Sen managed to locate a hidden cache of climbing gear (plot point 1) and then shortly afterwards Eleanor found a mysterious hatchling (plot point 2).  Both players placed further plot points.  I placed the painted boulder and Millie placed a local informant.  We then raced to these new locations.  

A boulder painted with a glyph of the meso-American rain god Tlaloc

It looks like Klaus and Mr Farquhar will be first to interrogate the local informant. 

"Hold it right there, laddie!" Nichol McNee intervenes.
A couple of fierce gun battles broke out and Millie was sufficiently successful in both that she was able to understand the message of the painted rain god and to successfully interrogate the sleepy local.  

McNee fights Klaus...

"... and stay down!"  Millie caught me by surprise with how quickly
she grasped the play of the cards.  Klaus is hog-tied and out of the fight.
Despite Herr Speck's attentions, Eleanor has decoded the message
of the Tlaloc glyph.

She then proceeded to place the final plot point where I couldn’t reach it.  With the timely play of her option to extend the game by one turn she managed to gain access to the mysterious shaft and win the game by six victory points to one! 

Pierre prepares to enter the mysterious shaft.


Kaptain Kobold said...

Shall I get Maya to get in touch with her and teach her how to do the appropriate victory dance? ;-)

Counterpane said...

That won't be necessary, thank you, Alan. No, really, it won't.

Eli Arndt said...

Nicely played!

My ten year old daughter recently started playing too.