Sunday, December 8, 2013

Downtown Tcherbevan test

Having completed the batch of middle eastern houses I was working on, I thought I'd have a go at laying out a possible configuration for the sector of Tcherbevan I'm building for the big Crisis Point game in April next year.

The plan is to portray a central boulevard lined with more or less ruined buildings.  Among others I'll be using the Museum Miniatures resin buildings seen in the foreground and middle distance above for this purpose.

Either side of this central no-man's-land will be the Turkish Quarter (background above) and the Armenian Quarter (not in these photos as I didn't have time to set up a 6' wide sector).

The left side of the picture above shows the Turkish Quarter as it exists so far.  Bottom left is The Old Fort - I have the model so it seems reasonable for Tcherbevan to have one.

The Andreivian Turks' Hs-126 flies over Tcherbevan as a Government
Type 61 tank trundles onto Culture Ministry Boulevard.
Andreivian-Turk militia with a technical move up to the front line.

Looks like the Turkish militia have set up a "Dushka" on the roof
of the Old Fort's main tower.

Government A-4 over Tcherbevan.

Type 61 with Andreivian Paras - the elite of the Government army.