Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mediterranean Barn

This 20mm scale barn is the latest of my ventures into foamcore architecture.  I originally envisaged it being used for games of Sharp Practice but I reckon it will probably see use in Andreivia too.

The walls are foamcore with the exposed edges covered with tilegrout and then the whole painted with exterior masonry paint for texture.  The tiles are Wills textured plasticard.

The base is thin MDF.  The uprights are bamboo barbecue skewers smoothed to an approximately square profile and the beam along the front edge of the roof is a strip of balsa.

As per my usual policy, the building was designed to fit an available storage box - in this case one of the sturdy cardboard boxes our pay slips arrive in from the outsourced payroll contractor!


Sun of York said...

Looks good and sturdy and not likely to blow away if someone sneezes.

I'm on a bit of a house/building kick at the moment and it is very helpful to see this post to get ideas etc.

Counterpane said...

Cheers, SoY. I'm glad it was helpful.

Phil said...

Looks good, very good!