Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Couple of Panzer IIIs

With a plan to play an Eastern Front game later this month in mind, I decided to spruce up a couple of second-hand Panzer IIIs that had been sitting unfinished in storage.

Number 125 is an Ausf L straight out of the (Matchbox) box.  I acquired it some years ago from a friend who, I suspect had built it as a kid.

Number 126 is a conversion of the Matchbox kit to an earlier model (Ausf F?) with shorter 50mm gun and without the additional armour on the mantlet.  It was part of a batch I picked up from a bring and buy somewhere.

My recipe for late war German Dunkelgelb came from a helpful posting (by Piers Brand I think) on The Guild.  The base coat is GW Charadon Granite.  The vehicle then gets a semi-drybrush of GW Khemri Brown and then several heavy drybrush coats of Vallejo Iraqi Sand.  My chosen colours for the green and red-brown camo are Vallejo Reflective Green and Saddle Brown respectively.

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Tor Hershman said... a youngin', I would've had me Black Cat firecrackers blastin' the tanks. Perhaps finish 'em off with an Aqua Net (borrowed from Mom) flamethrower.

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