Saturday, February 8, 2014

Andreivian Air Defence

Some time ago I acquired from a friend a half-built Airfix SAM-2 Guideline missile kit. The missile and launcher trailer I completed some time ago and they appeared in the Spetsnaz at Tcherbevan game. Now I've put together the ZIL-157 tractor-trailer unit and painted and based the bogie wheels from the launch trailer.

This is the only one of these I'm ever likely to own as the original moulds have apparently been lost so this kit is something of a collector's item. A few parts were missing but I've managed to put together enough to make a reasonable model.

It's painted in Vallejo Reflective Green, my usual colour for Soviet kit.  I've dry-brushed Grey-Green and Iraqi Sand over the top.

The models will doubtless see action somehow at Crisis Point III.


Russell Phillips said...

Nice. I do have a soft spot for big, impractical kit on the wargames table :-)

Counterpane said...

Yup, and this is certainly impractical! Or is it impracticable? I'm not sure.

Russell Phillips said...

According to Google, impractical means "not adapted for use or action; not sensible or realistic." (my emphasis)

I think that fits :)

cardophillipo said...

Yes but when its a great looking model like that who cares. If it looks the part then use it. Great work Richard the game in April is going to look brilliant with all the interesting work going on.

Sorry don't need a siege engine although my Andreivian Military Police are a bit short on artillery :)


Richard P