Sunday, February 16, 2014

Goods Shed

This weekend I finished the Goods Shed I bought at Vapnartak.

It's a 1/72nd scale injection moulded kit from a Ukrainian manufacturer called Mini Art.  I've included a Matchbox SdKfz251/1 for scale comparison.

It was reasonably easy to build, the only tricky parts being that some of the side sections needed to be butted together with little support and that the sides lack a positive attachment to the roof.  A little judicious application of superglue fixed that.

This building will see action somewhere in downtown Tcherbevan but will also be idea if I get round to playing the Berezovka Warehouse scenario from Grossdeutschland At Kursk.

The kit also left me with a few parts left over.  I'll recycle them as details on another building that's currently in development.

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cardophillipo said...

Hi Richard,
Great addition to Tcherbevan. Really looking forward to Crisis Point now. Gots loads of stuff in production. Picked up some little bargains from my local model shop this morning.
Richard P