Monday, April 7, 2014

A Week to Go

With just a week to go before Crisis Point III, I took advantage of part of the family being away to set up a practice game of Arc of Fire on the kitchen table.  I decided to set up an assault on a militia-held farm complex by some Andreivian Government paratroopers.

I played the assault through solo at first and it was useful to learn that, set up as they were with three five-man squads the para platoon is too vulnerable to losses, despite having Morale 5.  I'll have to reorganise them into fewer, larger squads.

Andreivian Armenian militia mortar team in a pigsty
Later on, Mark Preston came round to try out the rules - his first ever go at wargaming.  He had a go at throwing some paras at the barn and quickly learned that SMGs in the open are no match for assault rifles in cover!

Andreivian paras in the woods

Arc of Fire fun - the Armenian militia squad leader is attacked
by a rabid dog...
...more AoF fiun - the dog rolls a five (no effect) whilst the squad
leader fires his SMG for three eights (kill, kill, kill)! 
The paras go in with mortar fire support.

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