Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Flea Market Finds

On Mondays the market just round the corner from my work has several stalls selling toys and stuff as well as second hand books.  It's been a great source of wargames purchases over the years but this week was particularly good.  Three Altaya tanks at £3.50 each!

The M60A3 is in Egyptian Army colours.  It'll get repainted to join the NATO forces in Andreivia.

The Panther is described as an Ausf A.  I haven't checked it against my Panther book yet.  I may leave it in its current paint scheme.

And finally, I picked up a C1 Ariete for Richard Phillips who is now doomed to build Italians for the next Andreivia game.

The Altaya models aren't as well-made and beautifully detailed as the Dragon ready-mades but at these prices I wasn't going to look a gift Panzer in the mantlet.

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Pete. said...

Nice finds- like you say they aren't up to Dragon standards but some do stand out. Rather taken M60.