Saturday, April 12, 2014

Battle for Tcherbevan - Day One

Despite being a couple of players down on the ideal number we managed to get in a good game today. I reckon we got through six or seven game turns despite spending an hour setting up and another having lunch at the pub.  By the end, everyone had pretty much got the hang of the rules and we were bowling along nicely.

The table, just one really big one this time, looked quite spectacular with Richard's municipal buildings being particularly fine.

Gordon (Mujaheddin comander, in the background) looks on as George
(Government airborne troops, right) advances out of the Old Fort.
The late cancellations left us with a larger table than we really needed and tomorrow I intend to close down the sector north of the river leaving the Russians in charge of the airport.

As it was, Jamie did a good job of patrolling the airport and managed to find so partially burned documents (intelligence coup) and the pedestrian tunnel under the runway whilst only taking one man wounded.  So a win to the Russians.

A MiG-27 makes a slow-speed pass over the runway.
Richard and George managed to get Bubi Three, the Andreivian entry to this year's Eurovision Song Contest, out of town after agreeing a non-aggression pact with the Russians.  So a win to the Government.

Government Type 61 tanks prepare to move into the Turkish Quarter.
They would soon learn that it's not a great idea for tanks to move
unsupported though built up areas!
Gordon, as the Mujaheddin, managed to take a building from the Government and didn't lose any men at all.  So a win to the Islamists too!

An Andreivian Turk recce plane over the Turkish Quarter.
Andreivian Armenian Rob lost some buildings and gained some others but lost a fair number of men in the process.  I'm having difficulty convincing myself that we can call him a winner at this point.

Likewise Russ who, as the Turks did OK but didn't manage to get the Mujaheddin to do all his fighting for him.

I report some more and add to the photos tomorrow.


Russell Phillips said...

I agree with your assessment of how well I did (or didn't do), but I was the Andreivian Turk - Rob was the Armenian.

Counterpane said...

Look, I was tired. It'd been a long day. I can't remember who I am let alone you lot! ;-)

Russell Phillips said...

I had difficulty remembering who was controlling which faction during the game :)

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Which way is that deviation dice pointing? :-)

Counterpane said...

OK, I've fixed it now. Armenians and Turks the right way round.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your very generous donation to the Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal!