Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gregged... or Jeffed?

With the new iMac safely installed and working I can now get back to posting here!

Preparations for Pavis SOBH have progressed.  Decided to repaint the shields of my Lunar peltasts to match the unit known to be in Pavis in 1616ST or so.  These were the Silver Shields.  Definitely a peltast unit according to the Moon Designs reprint of the Pavis boxed set.

So they had silver shields right?  Whatever, I decided to ask for some idea of what their shields might look like at Glorantha on Google+.  Big mistake.

Glorantha fans of some duration will know of being "Gregged".  This is the process by which information you've known to be "true" for years is suddenly deemed false by creator deity Greg Stafford.  Now I've been "Jeffed", with Moon Design's guru Jeff Richards declaring that the Silver Shields aren't peltasts, they're hypaspids, lightly armed hoplites with, presumably, oval shields.

Well sod it, my Glorantha will vary.  I have however, followed Jeff's lead in giving them silvered shields with eight pointed stars.  I went with red stars.


Richard Phillips said...

They look great mate, glad the Imac is installed and you are back posting. Never really got into Glorantha played AD&D in my youth. Fascinating looking at the stuff on the internet. Look forward to following this project.
Richard P

Simon Miller said...

Later Macedonian guard units were often called peltasts. It has been suggested that they carried a slightly smaller round shield than the regular phalanx, and fought in the same manner as phalangites. If hypaspists, then they would either fight in phalangite gear, or in grear equivalant to Greek hoplites, ie a large round shield. YGMV! :-) Simon

Counterpane said...

Doesn't really show in the photos but I've painted these guys using a staining technique over a white undercoat. It's quite effective.