Monday, June 2, 2014

Partizan in a Tent

This Sunday was the Partizan show near Newark.  Thanks to a bit of a cock-up on the planning front Kelham Hall was double booked so Partizan ended up in a cruciform arrangement of, very hot, tents in the grounds.

I did a bit of shopping (a couple of Morokanth from Fenris Games and a few dungeon wall sections from Ainsty) and met up with some old friends.

I'm surprised to see I didn't take any pictures of Simon Miller's excellent Battle of Cremona game.  This was probably because my mind was focussed on ideas for Pavic ruins.  Here are some pictures I did take though:

A WW2 Western Desert game - very Pavis-like

Retreat from Moscow

A very nice 28mm early WW1 game

Zimbabweian ruins in an Alan Quartermain-styled
skirmish game using In Her Majesty's Name

More of the above - nice huts

And again - I like the elephant grass

And finally some termite mounds with a couple of familiar figures.


Simon Miller said...

Was great seeing you, despite the factyou didn't take pics of my game! ;-)

Sorry there wasn't more time to chat, I hope we'll meet again soon.

cardophillipo said...

Nice pics like the African game terrain.

Counterpane said...


Yeah, sorry we had to go and lunch with our other halves so soon. I'd have like to try your rules.

Simon Miller said...

Another time! I really should do a Northern show, next year. Best, Simon