Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scorpion Lord

There's a reason there are broos, ogres and scorpion-men in Pavis and it has something to do with the ancient and evil magic used by the Cult of Pavis during the Nomad and Troll occupations of the City.

But that's deep background.  For now let's just enjoy the awesomeness of this guy:

Apparently he's a Ral Partha Chaos Imperium Scorpion Man Shock Lord.

The paint job was actually dead easy.  The body is Screamer Pink highlighted with  heavy dry-brush of Changeling Pink - my first attempt at using the GW dry-brushing paints.  The armour is Tin Bitz drybrushed with Dwarf Bronze.  The weapon's blade is Bolt-gun Metal over Tin Bitz.  A few additional details and Robert's that strange man who always hangs around the stead-house. 

I now have three scorpion-men to threaten Rubble expeditions:


cardophillipo said...

Awesome figure!

Michael Mills said...

Very nice. I'd be reluctant to dig the spurs in though riding one of those. You're just as likely to get one back right in the neck...

Simon Miller said...

That's a shocking pink! Very nice.