Thursday, November 6, 2014

Crowd-sourcing My Uniforms part one

OK, first thing's first.  I really can't draw.

After creating two 48 man units  from a pack of Baccus Streltsy and I have a few figures left over.  I've decided to convert some of them into bargemen to decorate a pontoon bridge set up for my pseudo-Russian army the the Grand Duchy of Zheltarus.  There remainder will be based up as a single-base unit of Bridge Guards (a 'detachment' in Maurice or a 'tiny unit' in Black Powder).

The question is, what colours should their uniforms be?  The figures will look something like this:

So, a cloth cap with a (probably) fur rim, long belted caftan, trousers and boots.  The best suggestion for a colour scheme will be immortalised in painted white metal.  My only proviso is that the coats can't be blue as both my Streltsy and the unit I painted as Poles have blue coats.

Get your designin' caps on, boys.


Counterpane said...

Nobody has any suggestions? I'm leaning towards brown coats with pink trim!

Richard Phillips said...

I always like a green for artillery with red trim.
Richard P