Sunday, November 2, 2014

Heavy Gear

Just finished this weekend are a few additions to my "modern" Soviets.  I wanted a big gun for a scenario I had in mind and decided it would be nice to have it both deployed and moving.

So here we have a pair of S-23 180mm gun-howitzers.  These 1950s vintage weapons are modified from pre-WW2 naval guns.  They would be deployed as part of the Heavy Artillery Regiment of an Artillery Division.  They are nuclear capable but the round is understood to be unreliable!

The towing vehicles are AT-T heavy artillery tractors.  This unit was delayed in production as once I'd bought them I realised that the moving battery really ought to have gun-crew sitting on bench seats in the back of the tractor.  Eventually I got round to sculpting a tilt to disguise their absence.


Andrew Canham said...

Cool, I like the tilt. What did you sculpt it from? Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...


I sandwiched together two layers of cardboard, one to the interior dimensions of the load-bay and one to the exterior dimensions. This, glued into place, gave me a secure surface on which I laid a thin layer of Green Stuff. I then rolled four thin "sausages" of Green Stuff to form the tilt frame and used the round end of my GW Sculpting Tool to smooth it to shape.

Andrew Canham said...

Thanks Richard. It worked out really well. Cheers, Andy