Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rules Clear-Out

Richard Phillips and I plan (weather allowing) to take a table at January's Penkridge Wargames Table-Top Sale to clear out some of the unwanted items in our respective games cupboards.  This has led me to go through my collection of rules and weed out the ones I'm realistically never going to play again (or in some cases at all).

Rather than wait for January, I thought I might as well let the readers of this blog have first pick.  So, in no particular order, the following are for sale:

Barker, Phil, DBR Army Lists Book 1 (Great Italian Wars, Valois-Hapsburg-Tudors, Turkish Wars, China and Japan, The Americas, and The Reformation. WRG, 1995  [£1]

Barker, Phil and Richard Bodley-Scott, DBM Army Lists 1071 AD to 1500AD. WRG 1994. [£1]

Chadwick, Frank and Greg Novak, Volley and Bayonet, GDW 1994. SOLD
Gush, George, Wargames Rules For Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries (1420-1700), WRG 1979. [£1]

Gow, Tim, Megablitz! - Rules for fighting large actions of the Second World War, Stratagem, undated.   SOLD

WRG, Wargames rules for Armoured Warfare at company and battalion level 1950 to 1985, WRG, 1979. [£1]

Penn, TM, 18th Century Principles of War, Penn 2005. SOLD

Rathmell, Andrew, Tactical Commander World War II Skirmish Rules, Tabletop Games, 1982. [£1]

Conliffe, Arty, Crossfire - Rules and Organisations for Company-Level WW II Gaming, Quantum Publishing, 1996. [£2]

Dorrell, Nick, Polemos: Great Northern War, Baccus, 2005. [£2]

WRG, Wargames Rules 3000 BC - 1250 AD (5th Edition), WRG, 1976 (with Nov 1976 and 1977 amendments added by hand). [£1]

WRG, Wargames Rules 1685-1845, WRG, 1979. [£1]

Barker, Phil, Sue Laflin-Barker and Richard Bodley-Scott, Hordes of the Things 1st Ed,WRG, 1991 (with pencil amendments to ver 2.1 rules). [£1]

Waxtel, Dave and Robert Burke, The Died For Glory - The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871, Quantum Publishing 1992. SOLD

Mills, John, Les Gens Braves - Rules for the Franco-Prussian War, Partizan Press, 1988. [£1]

All prices exclude postage, which I'll work out if you are interested in any particular item.


Simon Miller said...

I'd love the Megablitz rules please, and the volley and bayonet, and the 18th Century Principles of War, Penn 2005.

Best, Simon

Counterpane said...

OK Simon, I'll check out the postage. You'll need to remind me of your address.


Richard Phillips said...

Hi Richard,

They Dies for Glory please.


Richard P

Counterpane said...

Righto, Richard.

Same may apply, I know I have your address somewhere.

Richard Phillips said...

No rush bring it in January if you want I will probably end up buying a load of your stuff anyway :)
Richard P