Tuesday, February 3, 2015

20mm Sharp Practice part 2 - The British

My Brits for Sharp practice are a similar mix of ancient Airfix figures collected in my youth and more recent examples from the modern explosion of 20mm plastics.

No cavalry yet but there are some generic light dragoon types on my workbench at the moment who are likely to become the 6th Light Dragoons.

The line infantry feature some earlier types (Esci/Italeri I think) in white trousers and stovepipe shakoes.

I was given these by fellow-wargamer Geoff Taylor.  Some were already painted and others I've done to boost the size of the unit.  Uniform basing means that the different painting styles aren't too intrusive.

The Airfix guys have the later Belgic shako and grey trousers.  Yellow facings help distinguish them from the green-faced brethren.

Also visible in this shot is Major Hector McLeod, the mounted officer from the old Airfix Highlanders box.

Then we have the obligatory 95th Rifles.  You can't have a British Napoleonic skirmish force without Rifles.

These guys are from the very nice box made by Revell.  I'll be keeping an eye out though for a pair of 20mm figures more suitable for Sharpe and Harper.

That'll do for now.  Next time the various other odds and sods that complete my collection.


Sun of York said...

It's good to see the old Airfix colonel still giving good service.

Counterpane said...

Yes, he's a characterful figure isn't he?