Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6mm Late Roman Army

Pete Berry is a very bad man.  He keeps making me buy whole armies of Baccus miniatures.  The latest to achieve something like finished status is my Late Roman army:

Many of the units have been seen here before but, on painting the last few figures, I thought it time to have an overview.

The latest addition is this heavy cavalry unit:

They're actually Baccus light cavalry with painted-on bronze scale corselets.

A single pack of heavy infantry gave me these four legio units.

This Auxilia Palatina unit is made from about half a pack of Lanciarii.

And the rest of the pack gave me these two units of actual lanciarii:

And finally, I have these four units of light cavalry:

All the elements are on 60x30mm bases and used with the Basic Impetus rules.  There's enough to be going on with here, especially with the Irregular Miniatures figures I use as Franks and Goths.  There is a danger, though, that Mr Berry may yet tempt me to buy some cataphracts and Hunnic foederati!


Simon Miller said...

Looking great Richard! I particularly like the infantry.

Counterpane said...

Cheers, Simon. I do like the mass effect of 6mm figures. Sadly I don't have the patience to paint the size of units you do in 28mm!

Simon Miller said...

I don't have the patience, either! ;-) At least half of mine are bought.

Phil said...

Nice looking army!

Counterpane said...

Thanks, Phil.

Paul O'G said...

They look awesome- that exactly how an ancient army should look in battle array. I've been tempted to dive into Baccus figs for some Impetus armies for awhile

Counterpane said...

Cheers, Paul. I'd say give em a go; If you stick to the 60mm x 30mm base size, which is common across all of Baccus's own rules I believe, you'd find plenty of buyers if you decided they weren't for you after all.

Richard Phillips said...

Like you need persuading, your as bad as me! Great looking army. I shall be visiting the Baccus stall at WMMS next weekend. Like you can't resist. OOOH SHINY.
Richard P