Friday, February 6, 2015

20mm Sharp Practice part 3 - The Rest

A fair chunk of the remainder of my plastic Napoleonics collection is the result of an ancient magazine article.  I think it may have been in Airfix Magazine and it was about converting the limited Airfix range into other Napoleonic troop types.  I remember painting British infantry as Portuguese, converting British Grenadiers into Austrians, and transplanting shako heads onto British Hussars, again to make Austrians.  However, those all went in trade to another gamer sometime in the dim, distant past.

All that remained was a few attempts to make Nassau grenadiers by transplanting the heads of British Hussars onto the bodies of French infantry....

... and some Black Brunswickers - French shako heads transplanted onto British infantry.

The Mounted officer is one that came in a batch from either Geoff Taylor or Tim Gow.  I'm not sure it's meant to be a Brunswicker but it looks OK with these guys.

In an ideal world you could do a complete circle of head swaps British Hussar > French Infantry > British Infantry but I'm yet to find a use for a British Hussar with a Belgic shako head.  Probably just as well as the Airfix Hussar horses were a bugger for falling over at the slightest opportunity and their  reed-thin fetlocks were dreadful for flaking off paint.

Last up are a few Spanish guerrillas from HaT:

Not very good figures, but a rare source of armed civilians.


Sun of York said...

Airfix conversions - love em!

Counterpane said...

Thanks SoY. I have another Nassau grenadier and Brunswicker on the workbench now!

Richard Phillips said...

Oooh remember painting British as Portuguese Cacadores. Good times.
Richard P