Monday, March 7, 2016

Archers' Stakes

I always try to have at least one new terrain item whenever I put on a game.  I knew that Andy and I were playing the Defending the Indefensible scenario from Lion Rampant on Monday evening.  The object to be defended was to be a Swiss bombard so I thought siege lines was an appropriate setting for the game.  Saturday I happened upon some off-cuts of hardboard so I thought I'd have a go at making some defensive stakes.

By Sunday evening these were finished:

A couple of hours' work spread over the weekend with bamboo skewers, tile grout and paint.

Pics of Monday's game will follow shortly.


Rokim said...

Great job on makin stakes. How did you make the bases of the stakes?

Counterpane said...

Sorry, only just seen this comment. On the chance that you see this response, the bases are off-cuts of hardboard, chamfered at the edges with a Stanley knife and then covered with my usual brown-tinted tile grout.