Monday, March 14, 2016

On the Workbench - terrain

I've been lax about posting here of late. I try to get two posts in each week but i've not been meeting that frequency.  However, that does't mean I haven't been making progress.  Here are a few terrain items I've finished in the last couple of weeks:

These three lengths of fencing are from a box of plastic bits I picked up a year ago at Vapnartak.  The tree is part of a ridiculously cheap batch I got from a Chinese company via eBay.

The following are intended as Jump Off Point markers for Chain of Command.  The signs are from the Airfix Command Post set.  Additions from various sources including the aforementioned Vapnartak bits box.  The piece in the foreground features a wooden bow containing a Panzerscheck rocket. It came with some German AT troops I picked up second hand at Gauntlet.  Sorry, I don't know the manufacturer.

Next we have an updating of my old Hovels medieval houses.  For along time I'd been dissatisfied with towns that consisted of buildings plonked onto the plain battlefield cloth so I created a base with some yards at the rear.  The base is from hardboard and I've added a couple of spare, resin dry-stone walls.  The rest of the detail is scratch-built.

I'm particularly pleased with the cobbled pavement.  The cobblestones are red lentils!

And finally, some more of those Chinese trees.  Just right for placing alongside a road.  Some nice shade for marching troops.


Edwin King said...

Very nice - I'm always interested to see how people approach terrain.

Richard Phillips said...

Great stuff! Particularly like the backyards.
Richard P

Andrew Canham said...

Red lentils as cobblestones. Well, I've heard of spaghetti being used for timber buildings. Great looking pieces.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Thanks, Guys!