Monday, September 12, 2016

A New Scale and a New Period

But don't worry, they're not for me.

One of Jamie's first post-Lord of the Rings figure purchase was a Pendraken Miniatures army pack of 10mm scale British troops for the American Revolution.  I think he was inspired by the Assassin's Creed game set during the AWI.  He's never had a clear plan of what to do with them, though. I wondered if they would work for Sharp Practice 2 so, with Jamie's permission, I've had a go at painting and basing a Group's-worth accordingly.

For the basing material I've used sheet magnetic material recycled from one of those word-play-on-your-fridge-door sets.  They are on 1cm squares and I've made a sabot base from a piece of artist's mounting board with steel paper attached.

Cutting error, layers of paint and tiny gaps between the figure bases mean that the sabot base, although 2cm by 4cm, has come out slightly small so it's not easy to pick them up by the base without knocking figures off.  I think I'll try again with maybe a 45mm wide base.

It's over to Jamie now to see if he wants to pursue this approach with the rest of his figures.

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