Thursday, September 22, 2016

Aegean Strike part two - photos

On the Sunday of Aegean Strike weekend I took over umpiring the air support, which left me free to take more pictures of the tables.

Castle tourist attraction in the Aegean coast sector of Table 2

Hotel Ibis - a Timecast building based and detailed by
Richard Phillips

On Sunday my Spanish Matadors finally saw action

More Timecast buildings

Mark Fry's Sheridans in MERDC camo

These Cobras made repeated appearances in support of NATO
forces (rotor discs by Hurlbat I believe)  

These Spanish/Italian buildings from Alan Millicheap's
collection looked really good despite being notionally for
10mm scale

Mark F's Greek CO element featured three ranks of new recruits being
harangued by the big man himself! 

On Table 1 Keith T (left) expanded the Warsaw Pact bridgehead
on the Black Sea coast.  He was opposed by Portuguese forces
commanded by Ian S (right)

Confused fighting between Nick G's Russians and
Andy T's Turks

Russian assault engineers with flamethrower
(Irregular Miniatures, from their WW1 range)

Another look at Alan M's lovely Mediterranean buildings, here being
visited by my BRIPAC company (Spanish paras) in support of
Mark F's Greek armour 


Aetius Last of the Romans said...

Wonderful to have a photo journalist capture the Communist aggressors being repulsed by our brave Greek boyz

On small correction though Richard, the elite Spanish marine commandos were being rushed in to provide much needed infantry support to the AMX-30 tnaks of Greek 22nd Armoured Division that was dug-in in the village and had already disposed of two Sovient motor-rifle formations, but was now running short of ammo :))

Thank you for the air-support Ole!

Richard Phillips said...

Some great photos Mr C. One small correction Andy T was playing Turks, Ian S was Portuguese. Great shot of your Matadors in action.


Richard P

Counterpane said...

Cheers, guys. Updated accordingly.