Thursday, September 29, 2016

Old school lead

Nostalgia makes us do silly things.  I've never been able to bring myself to get rid of some Lamming 25mm ancient figures I bought from Games of Liverpool in about 1980.

I have the cataphracts above, one base of Roman legionaries and some auxiliary slingers and a few Ancient Britons.  Not enough to do much useful with but it's fun trying to make them look as good as I can given the crudity of the castings.

In a moment, well OK two moments, of madness I've just bought a couple of lots of distinctly old-school figures on eBay.  Arriving soon will be 24 more Ancient Britons and some Numidian light horse.  I plan to base them for To The Strongest with the option of using them for ancients-themed games of Dragon Rampant.  More when they arrive!


Andy McMaster said...

Lammings had a charm to them. I had loads of their Medieval stuff and sold it a couple of years ago as I just KNEW I would never be getting back into any sort of Medieval gaming. Needless to say I am now painting Normans for Lion Rampant... :)

Counterpane said...

I did exactly the same thing only in my case they were mostly RAFM.

Sooner or later I always come to regret selling any of my painted figures.