Saturday, October 29, 2016

Andreivian Hind

After a period without a functioning computer and with family commitments taking me away at the weekends, I'm now finally in position to report back on progress.

First up is this Andreivian Air Force Mil-24 Hind.

It's a Hasegawa kit I bought a couple of years ago from Pitstop Models in Birkenhead.  It's taken me that long to get it finished.

I've left off some detail as this is a wargame model not a scale replica.  The main rotor assembly is held in place by means of a pair of rare earth magnets recycled from a kid's toy.  A sliver of broken craft knife blade glued to the bottom of the fuselage provides the attachment point for my magnetic flight stand.  The Andreivian roundels are from Dom's Decals courtesy of Richard Phillips.


Richard Phillips said...

Great addition to the Andreivian Air Force. Need to have another modern day outing in Andreivia soon.
Richard P

Counterpane said...

You're right but I need to get my mind wrapped around post-WW1 Andreivia first.