Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fiasco 2016

Jamie and I met up in Leeds today and had a wander around Fiasco.  There were lots of traders (disappointingly no Baccus or Irregular, both of whom would have got some of my money) but, I thought, fewer demo or participation games than I'd have liked to see.

Still, we chatted to a few nice people and enjoyed our lunch in the next-door Pizza Express.  Jamie bought some figures for his Arsene Lupin in Andreivia project.  I came home with these:

I picked up another pack of Perry Italian Mercenary Crossbowmen.  I want to convert my current unit (of Bidowers in Lion Rampant terms) into a full 12 man crossbow unit.  Also for Lion Rampant (but for the Bacaudae project) is a pack of Late Roman/Arthurian casualty bases from Curteys Miniatures.  These will make great "battered unit" markers. I also bought a pack of 30mm round MDF bases (not shown here) because they seemed good value for money.

Finally, I really splashed out by finally buying my own starter set of the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game.  I bought Charlie a set last Christmas and everyone I've spoken to says it's a better game with multiple starter sets.


Richard Phillips said...

Good haul! Shame Baccus and Irregular were not attending.
Richard P

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