Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Normal service will be resumed

I'm without my iMac at the moment - it's in the menders being checked for what I think may be an annoying Trojan.  I'm posting this on Millie's laptop so no pics at present.

I've just been setting up some scenery on the table that is Charlie's bed.  I plan to have a go at trying out elites vs regulars at Chain of Command.  I shall be throwing a platoon of Soviet tank riders at a platoon of elite Fallschirmjaeger.

I've thrown a nine for the support level so the Soviet start of with nine points of support while the Jaegers get four.  The Jaegers have a platoon rating of +10, though and the Soviets are -3 so that means the final points to spend on support are 4 for the Germans and 22 for the Soviets!  That's enough to buy a whole platoon of T-34/76s and still have points left over to buy more whizzy stuff.  I shall ponder.

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