Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Upgraded Brits

These are a starter pack's worth of Tumbling Dice WW1 British in shorts and pith helmet. I first painted most of them for a game I ran at Gauntlet in 2007. I've now updated the basing, given them a going over with Vallejo Sepia Wash and painted up the previously unused Lewis Gun teams.

This gives us a depleted platoon (or depleted battalion in Rapid Fire terms).

I've rebased the officer and NCOs on 2p coins.  I've started doing that since I discovered Chain of Command - it's a lot easier to distinguish leaders at a distance that way.

They'll form part of the British contingent at April's Crisis Point; probably as part of the WoosterForce flying column.    

Prone Lewis Gun team

Firing and moving Vickers guns - the ammo carrier provides a third
figure in either case


Andrew Canham said...

Very nice. I'm using some of those Lewis gun figures for my tropical Brits, as well as Indians and Highlanders. I'm also using them for some German and Turk supports - more on those shortly.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Cheers, Andy. Look forward to seeing what you've done.

Richard Phillips said...

Nice, very nice. Catching up after another stint in hospital. Can't wait for Crisis Point :-)