Friday, February 10, 2017

Vapnartak 2017

The three non-student members of the family headed up to York on Sunday to see Jamie and so he and I could visit Vapnartak. This is one of my favourite shows, mainly because I always get to meet loads of friends from across the broader war games community. Hi again to Andy H, Mark K, Kenny T, Colin R and Phil G.

Vapnartak isn't hugely endowed with display or participation games but I did take a few photos.

One of the most prominent games was this 28mm scale Kut-al-Amara game. Lots of inspiration for Andreivia...

It would be good to get some naval support like this on the table in April....

Interestingly this WW1 British defeat was also the subject of another game, this time in 15mm scale and taking a much more strategic approach.

British forces in Mesopotamia retreated to a fortified position in a loop of the River Tigris (see the far end of the picture below) and awaited relief that never came.

More random photos...

Jamie spent a little while talking to some late Roman reenactors. As a part-time Viking himself I'm sure he had lots of experiences to share.

Finally, what is a war games show without a little shopping? With birthday money burning hole in my pocket I bought a couple of X-Wing ships (a TIE Bomber and another Z-95 Headhunter) and a bag of WW1 Turkish infantry in fur hats. The latter are ideal for the Caucasus campaign and hence for Andreivia.  The two Saga packs are Gripping Beast Arthurians. They were my present from Jamie.  The Bible Abridged Beyond the Point of Usefulness came from Charlie. 

Finally there's a pack of Footsore Miniatures Saxons. These will be joining Jamie's Saga warband but after purchasing them he realised that they came without spears and with undrilled hands. We agreed I'd take them away and get them ready for painting. 

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Phil said...

Most impressive and wonderful looking tables!