Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ancient History

Browsing through a box of old photographs I came across these pictures of one of the earliest war-games I ever played.  They use 1/300th scale models purchased from the late, lamented Games of Liverpool.  Some of them are even painted!

The battlefield is two old Subbuteo pitches on top of which I've placed roads and river made from cardboard some resin buildings and some buildings and walls made from Das Pronto air-drying clay.

Going by the orange thread baseline in the final picture I must have been using the WRG 1950-1985 Rules.  There were some interesting mechanisms in those rules but for me they were superseded by Challenger. This will have been a solo game fought in my parents' garage in Meols.  I've no idea of the result but with Chieftains against T-62s I guess the British would have done OK.

Looking at these pictures now, it's remarkable how many of the models are still in my collection somewhere.


Andrew Taylor said...

What an Aladdin's cave Game was! I remember gazing wide eyed around the place as a 13 year old. I was playing Adeptus Titanicus and Space Hulk back then and always thought that 'real' wargamers shopped at Game.

Counterpane said...

The smell of damp cardboard still takes me back to the cellar room with its cabinets full of micro tanks and Lamming ancients. I got my copy of the Runequest boxed set there I lifetime ago.

Tales from Shed HQ said...

I remember a similar shop in Stafford, in Baileys Yard, sadly no longer there. Glass cabinets filled with Micro Armour and Hinchcliffe Napoleonics. Used to spend all my pocket money in there.