Sunday, May 28, 2017

Chillin' in Sheffield

It's been a sociable week here in Steel City.

On Thursday evening I met up with Tom and Chris from the Too Fat Lardies forum. Beer was consumed and plans were made to play Chain of Command, a CoC/Mud and Blood WW1 mash-up, and Dux Britanniarum.  I've even moved on with the times and downloaded WhatsApp to my iPhone to assist in our planning!

On Friday lunchtime I knocked up a simple, branching decision tree to choose what our CoC scenario should be.  The dice app on my phone led the way to a game set in the Reichswald in early 1945.  The British are launching a flank attack.

And then on Saturday there was the new ChillCon wargames event at Ecclesfield School. I only picked up on the existence of this event on the Thursday so they obviously need to work on their advertising.

As I could only manage to get across for an hour or so, this turned into a brief session of shopping and chatting with acquaintances.  There was a room full of what mostly seemed to be competition games and a school hall full of traders.  There was nothing much that struck me as inspiring in the way of games.

I bought myself a box of Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVs in 1/72nd scale...

I've already assembled and undercoated these!  I'll report back on them when finished.

Besides that, I bought a couple of packs of wire spears from Ainsty and some 6mm Roman stuff from Mick at Leven.  More on these later.

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