Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Bit of Solo Chain of Command part 1

I've had a bit of a clear-up in the games room and been able to set up a small solo game of Chain of Command on my map chest.  It's another urban game but this time using early war German and French platoons.

I'm playing scenario 3 (Attack vs Defence) and the Germans are attacking from nearest to the camera.  Above you can see the end of the patrol phase.  The end comes pretty quickly with such a small table.

The game began with the Germans getting two phases and pushing forward an section to the church on their far left.  Shortly after that the French pushed forward a section on the opposite flank and rolled very high on their movement dice.  Before I knew it they had occupied one of the German jump off points!

The German commander responded by throwing forward one of the two (yes, two!) flamethrower teams he'd selected to support his advance.  They routed the French rifle team but thanks to a roll of 1, there was no loss of French Force Morale.

but still, with the remainder of the French section about to occupy the tobacconist's kiosk there was no immediate prospect of the Germans being able to use that JoP.

Meanwhile on the German left a firefight is developing between a German section in the churchyard and a French one in the ruins.

The French whittle away the isolated German LMG team while the Germans are unable to spare Command Dice to resolve the situation.  First the LMG team is wiped out (-1 from German Force Morale) then suddenly a French tank appears!

Yeah, don't worry too much, Germans, it's only an FT17 with a 37mm gun.

On the right flank I've replaced the kiosk with a paper outline so I can see which figures are firing from which window.  There being no window on the near side, there's a pause during which the Germans can organise themselves for a close assault....

So the Germans on the left need to withdraw their partly exposed rifle team and maybe bring up some kind of anti-tank asset and the Germans on the right could do with clearing out the kiosk so they can recapture that jump-off point before the turn ends.  

Interesting point, they have a completed Chain of Command die.  Can you use one to move a JOP that's been captured?  I guess not.

More later when I've managed to fit in some more play.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Great little game. Finally getting round to painting up all my Britannia WW2 stuff

Counterpane said...

Cheers, Richard.

I'm not a big fan of Britannia's "big head" style but if you don't mix them in with there manufacturers' models you should be OK.

Andrew Canham said...

I quite like the Britannia figures, but totally agree they don't mix well within units with figures from other manufacturers. Where I can get them, plastics are still the figures of choice. I've been spending too much time with Will McNally!

Cheers, Andy