Monday, October 2, 2017

The Two Towers

I've made some progress on the signal tower this evening.  Glued together the main structure, added the entrance steps and generally glooped the base...

... funny, the word "glooped" doesn't seem to appear in my Mac's dictionary.

The second of our Two Towers appeared in the post today. It's the (long overdue but I wasn't expecting it so haven't missed it at all) souvenir gift from the 2016 Berkeley Hordes of the Things Tournament.

I know, weird isn't it?  It rather reminds me of the Unseen University in Ankh Morpork.  I believe it's sculpted by Dreamholme Studio and was kindly mailed to me by Steve Price.  There's also a second one for Jamie but "The Three Towers" doesn't have the same resonance somehow. Thanks Steve!

Looking at the doors I'd say it's just about 15mm scale.  It's crying out for a nice paint job.  I'm thinking of painting it in black and white like the medieval buildings in Chester or Herefordshire.

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