Sunday, June 16, 2019

People of Pavis - the Lunars

I'm running the first game of my long-planned Song of Pavis Campaign on Monday evening. That's the name I just thought up for Song of Blades and Heroes skirmishes in that ancient city on the River of Cradles.

Needing some figures to populate the city, I've been repairing and repainting loads of old generic fantasy figures and building a few new models from various plastic ancients.  Here are a few of the characters to be found in and around my Pavis:

Jaxarte Whyded
Jaxarte Whyded was created by Mike (MOB) O'Brien as the protagonist of a series of "travelogue" articles in Tales of the Reaching Moon magazine.  His role as Commissioner of the Census required him to visit many parts of the Lunar Empire.  The figure is an old figure of Alan Slater's that I recently repainted.  In the process I carefully bent his sword into a Lunar scimitar.

Sister Ulara
Sister Ulara of the Whirling Blades is a member of a Lunar martial arts society/cult.  She's an old Lance and Laser Models miniature.

Vanides Moondance
Vanides is the bodyguard to Jaxarte Whyded.  He's a steadfast warrior but he's over fond of looting the bodies when he should be keeping an eye on his employer.  He's a recent construction based on a Gripping Beast plastic Late Roman with a republican Roman head and a Games Workshop shield.

I needed a Lune, a Red Moon elemental, but they are a feature of Glorantha whose appearance I've never been sure of.  The Miniature Adventures in Glorantha Facebook group provided a number of helpful ideas.  In the end I decided to use an old Games Workshop figure I've had lying around unpainted for years.  I think it may be another one Alan left with me when he went off to Japan twenty-something years ago.  Layers of red-pink dry-brushing were aimed at simulating a red-moonlight glow, including on the base but I don't think the latter works too well.  Maybe I'll revisit it one day.

Ancestor Spirit
I needed an ancestral spirit (I'm not revealing why until after the first game at least).  The figure above is another old GW mini with progressively lighter dry brushing.  Edit: No it's not; it's a blue wash over white undercoat!

Erisina of Peldre
Finally for now in our review of Lunar residents of the New City, here's Erisina.  She's a skilled swordswoman and not someone you want to get on the wrong side of.  This is another Lance and Laser model originally marketed as Jar-Eel the Razoress.

I'll post pics of some members of the other factions later.  I may also reveal the SOBH stats of these and other models but only after they've first revealed their secrets in the campaign.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Excellent!!! Looking forward to following this

Counterpane said...

Cheers Richard! You'll have to come over for a game.

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Definitely!!! Let me know when the next Saturday afternoon session is planned.
Cheers, Richard P