Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Northern War - part two

Another project sort of completed during 2010 was my Ottoman Turk force for Polemos. I say sort of completed because today I took delivery of another consignment from Irregular Miniatures.

My new batch includes some command elements but for now I have these figures cut from a block of Irregular's Sipahi of the Porte.

You can't have an Ottoman army without Janissaries. These are a mixture of Janissaries and repainted Prussian J├Ągers, both from Irregular Miniatures.

I'm quite please with the effect of them en masse.

I've had great fun producing Turkish light infantry bases. This is a rocket team. I've no idea whether the Ottomans used gunpowder rockets in the early 18th century but it was too good an idea to resist. I may add some cotton wool smoke to the end of the rocket's trail. Sorry the rocket's out of focus but at least you can see the crew and baggage camels.

More light infantry - irregular musketeers.

And some more...

Sipahis form the main cavalry striking force of the army. Three or four Irregular strips per element on 60x60mm bases.

Also on 60x60mm bases are these Arab light cavalry.

And finally, some artillery. The Ottomans tended to use big guns - field artillery in Polemos terms.

I'm not sure yet how this force will perform against my Russians. I don't have a feel for how Polemos plays and balances. Going to need to try it out in one of our Saturday afternoon games noon.

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