Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great Northern War - part four

My current rush of Great Northern War painting will come to an end soon, if only because I have to organise the SOTCW game at Hammerhead in February.

But for now I'm stating on the Ottoman Turks I ordered from Irregular Miniatures between Christmas and New Year.

I've ordered enough to make four more units of Janissaries, three of European Sipahis, a horde of irregular light infantry, and four or five units of Arab light horse. There are also two guns and three General elements.

One units worth of Janissaries are already mounted on wine bottle screw caps and undercoated for painting.

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BigRedBat said...

I've always fancied an Ottoman army, myself; very colorful. I want some of the gunners with the huge turbans!

IIRC I have a few 6mm Irregular miniatures bits in the loft (some wagons, an elephant etc. Any use?