Sunday, January 16, 2011

Redevelopment Underway

Mark and I spent a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon in various DIY shops acquiring materials and I then spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning clearing "stuff" out of the games room. So no painting or gaming this weekend!

Of course, clearing the shelves has reminded me of games I want to play. I haven't tried the Victory Games Fleet series of games for years. Now I really fancy a game of Second Fleet.

Next week will have to see a break from construction work as I've scheduled in advance a game of Cold War Commander. This time we'll be returning to the 1980s and trying an opposed river crossing.


tzunder said...

It's not bad to have a rummage now and then, you find books unread, games to play again and rpgs to cry over!

Counterpane said...

RPGs. Oh yes, lots of those. I'm thinking of selling my Traveller stuff. And perhaps my copy of Ringworld!