Sunday, January 23, 2011

Second Fleet

My newly refurbished games room isn't quite tidied sufficiently that I want to take the "after" photos but one of the jobs was to repair the plan chest I got through Freecycle. With a new top and mounted on casters it makes a handy, if a little low, small gaming table.
Just the right size, actually, for the maps from Victory Games' Fleet
series of board games. I found Second Fleet whilst I was clearing space for the work and decided I wanted to have a go as I'd never actually played it before even though I've had it since sometime in the late 80s.

I've just played through, solo, the first scenario - Standing Naval Force Atlantic. This pits the eponymous unit (a small task force consisting of frigates/destroyers from the American, British, West German, Dutch, and Canadian navies) against a couple of powerful Soviet vessels, the missile cruiser Frunze and the powerful destroyer Ottuk. There's also an American force that has just landed some marines in Norway.

In my game, thanks to some lucky die rolling as the Soviets, the reds got away to Pechenga having sunk the amphibious assault ship Ogden and the frigate Hawes for a substantive victory.

This pic shows the final positions.

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BigRedBat said...

I like that table, and your space.

Children, here, have staged a coup and seized control of all potential wargames rooms. :(