Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bridge Demolition part 2

Game Turn 4 - Rob brings his infantry on down the north-western road. In the centre the Lorrainers await the onslaught. The square on the right of the picture is a "formed movement base" indicating the presence of as-yet-unidentified VFS troops. It will later turn out to be a dummy.

The Lorraine cavalry brigade crosses a hill on the right flank; Gendarmerie du Roi followed by Allemand Cavalry.

A turn (with only one initiative point rolled) later, the cavalry begin to turn towards the enemy.

Von Tarlenheim is clearly alarmed by this threat to his left flank.

The action on the VFS left flank develops. The Lorraine cavalry have deployed into loose order lines (I should probably have gone for close order) but unfortunately they have not managed to catch the VFS infantry before they too managed to deploy into line.

The Gendarmerie du Roi are shattered by the VFS infantry's fire. With Dreyse bullets flying around them the survivors break for the rear at top speed!
Meanwhile on the left, the Regiment Dillon retire shaken from VFS fire.

Their colleagues, however, have delayed the advance of the main VFS infantry force. By the end of game turn 8 (when time again beat us) it was clear that the Lorrainers would be in a position to blow the bridge before the VFS forces could take it. It would, however, be a damned close run thing disengaging and getting the rearguard back across the river!

Altogether, though, a very enjoyable game. I think we're getting the hang of POW.

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