Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Every Man a Valuev

Among the stuff I bought at Triples was a couple of strips of Soviet artillery crew to go with the 180mm gun I need for a forthcoming game. I generally like Scotia's micro models and I'm sad to have to criticise them for a dodgy job but I feel obliged to warn you off these models.

The picture shows the Scotia figures (left) against part of a strip of Heroics and Ros WW2 German infantry (right).

As you can see, these guys are tall; about 7.5mm tall. This makes them 2.25m (or about 7'4") tall in real life. That's a little bit bigger than the bizarre-looking and famously hulking heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev.

To be honest, the sculpting isn't that great either - some of the proportions are just plain wrong. The figure holding binoculars is 6mm elbow to elbow but slightly less than 4mm tall at the waist.

Sorry, Scotia, these guys aren't going to find their way into my Soviet army. They may get painted up as some kind of sci fi troops for Future War Commander.


Andy McMaster said...

I've pretty well gone entirely H&R for my infantry as I think they look 'right' when next to the vehicles etc. I think I've used the odd Irregular on HQ stands but they are apart from the rest so don't stand out. I have a huge bag of Scotia/Irregular US troops I'm never going to use either!


Counterpane said...

Have you seen the Main Force Miniatures stuff, Andy?

They're quite big but their mostly prone so the contrast in size is not so noticeable. I have an Afghan Mujahideen force for CWC (also used for FWC) and quite like them.