Sunday, May 22, 2011

Triples Today

I always try to get along to Sheffield Wargames Society's big convention and managed one day this year (I was watching my daughter handbell ringing in North Yorkshire on Saturday).

It takes me ages to get round the Triples venue these days - so many people to meet and chat with but it's always a pleasure to do so. I particularly enjoyed a chat with the Mosborough Old Boys over their very attractive 15mm ECW set-up.

I spent quite some time admiring Phil Gray and friends' rather impressive 6mm scale American Civil War game. This was a feast for the eyes:

I'm particularly inspired to pinch some of their ideas for presenting unit bases as mini dioramas.

I always make a point of playing the latest game by the Wargames Developments Northern Display Team of John Armatys, Tim Gow, Nick Mitchell and Jerry Elsworth. This year it was "Better Red Than Dead" in which the hapless players tried to survive from the Russian Revolution to Operation Barbarossa as (initially at least) junior officers in the Red Army. I think I managed to die twice but at least I avoided the Gulag! My final character got captured by the Germans in 1941 and, as a Party member, was shot out of hand.

The pic below shows Tim running the game - silly hats were obligatory. For those of you interested in such things that's Jerry in the background (blue shirt) and the modern, slimline Phil Gray in the distance (number 67).
Shopping-wise I was fairly restrained. I managed to pick up a copy of David Mondey's American Aircraft of World War II (thus completing my set). I bought some Valleo paints and some Scotia micro armour from the Baggage Train and found some very good value WW2 micro stuff on the bring and buy. For less than four quid I came away with six 6pdrs and enough loyd Carriers to tow them, seven Bren Carriers, and a company each (in Tac WW2 terms) of M4A4 Shermans, Comets, RAM Kangaroos, Priest Kangaroos, and Churchill AVREs.


BigRedBat said...

As you say, super 6mm terrain...


Counterpane said...

The roads are interesting. Flexible resin sections that you can paint with household emulsion. They drape most attractively over smoothly rounded hills.

Tinned Stew said...

hmmm... smooth rounded hills... :-)

Cheers Richard - I'll pass the url for this onto my oppo - who did all the actual work for the game, I just provided an animating spirit for the Confederate forces he provided :-)

And I like his idea so much I'm going to use it for my (burgeoning)
Ostfront Barbarossa collection...