Monday, May 30, 2011

A Tiny Renaissance

Inspired by the Bert Fegg guys' American Civil War display game at Triples, I decided to have a go at a diorama-style 6mm scale unit. The result was this French crossbow unit of the late 15th - early 16th century period. They are based on a 60mm x 30mm base which seems a good compromise style for Renaissance POW or perhaps Impetus.

I've added Irregular Miniatures pavises to the front edge and then between the strips of figures (also Irregular) I've added one of my home-sculpted-and-cast casualty bases and a partly shattered pavise made from thin plastic card.

At the same time I decided to base up some figures I got from Alan Slater. Alan's fantasy pikemen have become Swiss by the simple expedient of repainting the flags. Alongside the national banner this lot carry the white over blue colours of Lucerne.

Finally, I knocked up a command element from some spare figures (again Irregular). I'd originally planned to use 30mm squares for commanders but I've switched to 40mm as it leaves more room to fit in extras like, in this case, a tent.


sebastosfig said...

very nice units

Counterpane said...


I'm now looking at some billmen and archers - reckon I can produce five bill and bow units which is what I'd need for an English army of the period of Henry VIII.